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Your ordering needs can be met at the click of a button! Log in to place orders, request a reimbursement, check the status of allotment requisitions, review allotment amounts, tell us when you receive materials, and more!

FAST is unavailable Monday-Friday between 5:00-6:00 pm while we update student data and between 1:00-3:00 am for backups.
If you get bumped out at that time, you will not lose anything that was already added to your cart.

FAST QuickTip (Receipts for Materials):
We need the following: vendor name, date of purchase, individual titles & prices, total amount & method of payment, and proof of receipt. Documentation may include some combination of receipts, packing slips, and/or credit card statements that together provide all of this information.

  1. If the receipt does not clearly name each item (with its corresponding dollar figure) for which you want reimbursement, please label the items yourself.
  2. Do NOT use a highlighter on cash register receipts! Highlighting quickly washes out the ink on cash register receipts so that they are no longer legible. (Use pen to circle items you wish to draw attention to.)
  3. Please scan and attach documentation in FAST. If you are unable to attach the receipts or other documentation, you can fax, mail, or email. If you mail them, just put them in an envelope, with no staples or tape attaching them. Please send promptly to ensure prompt payment!
  4. Once you "check out," you will be given a requisition number. Write this number on each receipt for reference. Be sure to include this number if you are sending the receipt to us after you have checked out. (If you attached it to the requisition, it is already connected to that number.)
  5. Save your receipts until you receive your reimbursement in case there is any problem in us receiving for reading them and they need to be re-sent.
FAST QuickTip (Supplier):
Remember: the question that you ask yourself when entering something in the "supplier" field is, "To whom should the money go?" When you are entering orders, you select the company name from the list. But when you do reimbursements, you choose "-REIMBURSE" (reimbursement to family), which is right at the begining of the list. (28 July 2014)

FAST QuickTip (Question Mark):
Remember: in FAST, the question mark is your friend! If you are not sure what to put in any particular field, just click on the question mark! (28 July 2014)

If you need help, get in touch with your Field Rep, Contact Teacher, or the Ordering Department in Fairbanks. Need help using FAST outside of normal business hours? Contact Carol Simpson at 907-235-5910 or carol.simpson@ideafamilies.org.

Order Department customer service: 907-374-2200 or 877-582-4332; ordersinfo@ideafamilies.org.
Fairbanks mailing address: IDEA, 2157 Van Horn Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701
Fairbanks fax number: 907-374-2275


Your User ID and password are the same ones that you use to access your ideafamilies email and to get into the family section of the website. (For User ID, use just the first part of your email account, i.e., tjsmith.)

User ID: @ideafamilies.org
IDEA families, click here to log into the family section of our
website for help with FAST:

FAST QuickSheets (1-page instructions)
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